Seventeen, the K-Pop Idol Group is making a comeback this fall

Seventeen is making a comeback this fall

This news is bound to make the day of all Seventeen fans. The self-producing idol group is making a comeback!!! Yes, I know you must be thinking that this article is just about another speculation or rumor. Some irresponsibly placed vague information must the source of the news and in the end you’ll be disappointed!! However, it’s not so!! The news is confirmed by Pledis Entertainment agency itself!!

Seventeen will soon be back for 2019!!

So yes!! Take a deep breath and try to relax your hyperventilating heart. For it is happening in reality. On 12th of July the Pledis Entertainment agency officially stated that Seventeen is coming back for the year 2019 in August.

The South Korean Boy-band will be releasing a new track in the early August of the year. Though, no specific details have been provided regarding the new track or release date. However, the statement promised to make an announcement soon for the eager fans.

Seventeen is making a comeback this fall

Seventeen is back for the year
Source: The Mindanao Life

Pledis Entertainment even said that formation of a concrete schedule regarding promotion and other aspects is yet to be made. Ergo providing the reason of the information-less announcement.

Second comeback confirmed!

This is not the first comeback of Seventeen in the current year. The group official entered the year on 21st January with the release of their set of six mini-albums. Dubbed as “You Made My Dawn” the mini-album was a dream-come true for all Seventeen fans.

Seventeen is making a comeback this fall

The wait is almost over
Source: Koreabo

The “Ode to You” tour is another things the boy-band fans are looking forward. Reported to commence on 30th of August, the tour shall run up-till 1st September. Taking place at the KSPO Dome situated at Olympic Park.

The band is coming back for sure!! Let’s just wait for the official date to come-out along with the much-awaited trailers.

For more updates and information regarding Seventeen stay tuned to The Geek Herald.

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