Shameless Season 10 update: Mickey is Back

Shameless Season 10 updates: Mickey is Back

In the month of January, ShowTime happened to announce That Cameron Monaghan will return for Shameless Season 10. This triggered a question in the minds of the people. They are imagining what can probably happen to the character Mickey and Ian. We will now have the answer and the fans are quite excited about that.

The shameless twitter handle gave off the looks that someone hacked it on Thursday. This came up with a hashtag which said #bringmickeyback over the feeds. This leads to an interesting video of fisher as Mickey amidst of the escape from the prison. The video said that he is coming and is on his way.

Shameless Season 10: The return of Mickey

The return of the character after the 9th season finale will really mean a lot to the fans. Here we saw IAN imprisoned. A wholesome solid buzz is there among the people. This is just a surprise packet for the fans to see the character back again.

Shameless Season 10 updates: Mickey is Back

Photo: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME

The show will grab a different position. The importance and the relevance of the character will claim a dynamic come back for the show alone.

Fiona and Ian:

For nine seasons, the fans were enjoying the roller coaster ride of happiness and trouble. The next season will feature the departure of Fiona and IAN would break into the scene. The fans have had a lot of tears, some for immense happiness and some in sadness.

Shameless Season 10 updates: Mickey is Back

The fans will now definitely not require a recap as the story was somewhere always there. The young show with all the zest and enthusiasm in it is there to hit the heart of the fans. There are plenty of things which the fans would definitely enjoy.

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