Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello Breakup Rumors: Couple decided to end the Relationship?


Have Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello hit the ‘pause button’ in their relationship? Fans were upset after hearing this and refused to believe it. Let’s dive deeper into the story.

A source claims that the singers have decided to take a break. The two have been living together since the lockdown began in Camilla’s home in Miami. Mendes decided to head back to Los Angeles. Originally, Cabello was also planning to travel along, but there was change of plans. Camilla decided to stay back as the two needed some time apart.

The source reported that the two are currently working on their new albums and need some space for themselves. Despite the distance, the two of them are in constant touch and talk regularly.

The source assured the fans,

Despite their busy careers, they’ve spent much of the past year together. They were in love and were best friends — they still are. The past year was a whirlwind for them and they supported each other so much. Nothing really went bad between them, they just realized they need some time apart.

However, the fans took to social media to prove that the truth was different. Recently, the Havana singer posted a picture on Instagram wearing a sweater that belongs to Mendes. Further, fans also argued that Camilla has been posting from Los Angeles. This is contradictory to the claims made. Others claimed that the two were spotted together only three weeks ago.

Clearly, the story seems made up and frivolous.

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