SHINee Members showcased their multi-talent in these 7 times

SHINee Members showcased their multi-talent in these 7 times

The incredible K-pop group, SHINee is full of talented and unique members. And, the way they showcase their talent on stage has always left the audience spellbound. SHINee members are always on the top, whether it may be the songwriting, acting, or fashion. They have always snatched away the hearts of the audience. Ever wondered how can they be so multi-talented? We’ve got the instances for you!

#1 Their flawless live performances

SHINee Members showcased their multi-talent in these 7 times

This group has always left the audience mesmerizing with their flawless live performances. Instead of giving a 100 per cent, these boys give more than 100 per cent for making their live performances a super-duper hit. The loud cheers from the fans itself prove the way they give a top-class performance.

#2 The Outstanding Onew

Onew a.k.a Jinki is both a great leader and singer from the SHINee group. Apart from this, he is also a great actor. He appeared in “Welcome to Royal Villa” and “Descendants of the Sun”. And, what took away the viewers’ hearts was his character of Dr Lee Chi Hoon.

#3 The Jubilant Jonghyun

Jonghyun is the songwriter for this amazing K-pop group SHINee. Whatever phase of life you are going through, whatever mood you are in, you will always find his lyrics soothing. All you need to do is give a read to his lyrics and surely, his words will touch your heart.

#4 The Kicky Key

Well, Jinki is not the only one from the group who is also a great actor. In idle time, Kibum also pursues his career as a successful actor. And, his acting skills to are a must-watch. He has featured in productions like “Chess”.

#5 The Mercurial Minho

What makes Minho unique is his roles in various dramas and movies. His sense of humour and liveliness will definitely affect you. He has appeared in “To The Beautiful You” and “Hwarang”.

#6 The Tremendous Taemin

The youngest and smartest of all, Taemin has the greatest enthusiasm that a celeb should have. His dance performance will definitely drive your hearts away. His each and every dance performance is an intricate piece of art.

#7 Successful Solo Artists

SHINee Members showcased their multi-talent in these 7 times

What makes them more talented is that they all are successful solo artists too. And they are really special in some of the other ways. They have always proved that they are both excellent as solos and group.

So, it will be amazing to see what more these stars have in store for the audience. Till then, keep watching this space for more updates.

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