Shokugeki no Sama season 5: Big confusion regarding the new arc debunked

Shokugeki no Sama season 5

There is a big confusion with the anime series Shokugeki no Sama season 5. The last season consisting of 12 episodes is only half of the season 3. On June 24 finished airing and is known as “San no Sara” which is the third plate.

Although, the season 3 ends with the first period of Regimental Shokugeki. Whereas season 4 will finish airing with the end of Regimental Shokugeki.

Shokugeki no Sama season 5- Is there another season simultaneously?

The last season ended at the first bout of Regimental Shokugeki
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Shokugeki no Sama season 5 is mistakenly a new season

There is nothing known as season 5, it’s only the terms of arc. The arcs are a new feature where the creator binges to attract more viewers. A single season is split into two and fans mistook it for another season. And now everyone is searching for Shokugeki no Sama season 5.

Whereas the real season 4 is titled as “Yon so Sara” which means the fourth plate. All of the seasons are based on Yuto Tsukuda’s food wars. Its a Japanese manga series of the same name. While the manga series consists of 29 volumes.

Shokugeki no Sama season 5- Is there another season simultaneously?

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The manga series is available in English translation copy

All the manga series are getting translation into English by VIZ media. However, the English translation is done up to 24 and others will get a release date. If anyone is planning to get manga and only after the end of the third season. The third season is covered until chapter 217.

It contains some of the fillers and arcs in the current season. The third season ended on June 24 and covers another half of the third season. Whereas the first period of the Son no Sara continues. And the franchise didn’t reveal anything about the second period.

Shokugeki no Sama season 5- Is there another season simultaneously?

There is no new season for the Food Wars
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There are enough contents left for the Shokugeki no Sama season 4. And the Regimental Shokugeki ends on chapter 263 of the manga series. They are covering at least 4 chapters per episode at the pace of anime.

However, there is nothing known as Shokugeki no Sama season 5 at the moment. It’s only the arcs by the creators to make it worth watching by fans.


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