Shooting reported at Gilroy Garlic Festival: At least 4 dead, 15 wounded

Shooting reported at Gilroy Garlic Festival: At least 4 dead, 15 wounded

According to the officials on duty, at least four died during the last day of Gilroy Garlic Festival. At least one gunman opened fire on the crowd in Christmas Hill Park on Sunday. And, he is also suspected among the deads. Currently, the police officials are hunting for the second gunman. Hundreds of people were rushed for safety.

Gilroy Garlic Festival mass killing: All that you need to know

Shooting reported at Gilroy Garlic Festival: At least 4 dead, 15 wounded

Scene after shooting at Gilroy Garlic Festival ( Source: The Boston Globe)

If you are unaware about what has happened at the Gilroy Garlic Festival, here’s a quick glance:

  • The shooting happened at the Gilroy Garlic Festival. This festival is loved by the people for its amazing garlic production.
  • Investigators have finally identified the suspect who was shot by the police officials.
  • At least four people have died and more than 11 are injured. The injured are currently being treated at Stanford Hospital, St. Louise Regional Hospital and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.
  • However, the motive of the suspects behind the brutal killing is not clear yet.

6-year-old Stephen Romero killed in shooting

Shooting reported at Gilroy Garlic Festival: At least 4 dead, 15 wounded

6-year-old Stephen Romero killed in the shooting (Source: ABC7 Chicago)

Among the four people who died, was a 6-year-old boy, Stephen Romero. His grandmother said that he was a kind and playful boy. She was not at home when she got a call informing her that he was shot.

By the time, she reached the hospital, he was dead. Also, Stephen’s mother and the other grandmother were also shot. They are currently being treated at the hospital. The family wants justice for their grandson.

Two patients under-treatment

According to the latest news, two injured patients are still being treated at Stanford Hospital. Out of two, one was discharged last night. And, after that, another victim was transferred from another hospital. Currently, there are two patients under-treatment at Stanford Hospital.

Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting: What eye-witnesses say

The eye-witness of Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting, Miquita Price told that she has never seen anything like this. There was blood everywhere. And, everything was in a complete mess.

Many videos have surfaced online from the Gilroy Garlic Festival. The people can be seen screaming and rushing here and there in the videos. Many relatives of the victims were also seen waiting at the reunification centre to meet their loved ones.

Mass shootings are a “new normal”

Many reporters are tagging the mass shootings like the one that happened at the Gilroy Garlic Festival as normal. Because usually, gunman shoots at such public events for 5 to 10 minutes and then the situation is taken under control by the police officials. However, such shootings are brutal, but they are getting more common nowadays in the US.

Also, more damage could have happened at the site, if the officials won’t have taken the situation in control on-time. And, Gilroy Police Department has currently suspended all their social media updates. And, they have ensured that they will provide updates once they are done with their investigation.

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