Shrek 5 Cancelled? To be Replaced by a Live Action Reboot?

Shriek 5

Since its origin in 2001, the Shrek film series has been loved and adored by viewers of all age and from all over the world. The movie series has seen four movies and two spin-offs and some shorts – and the fans now wait for Shrek 5 – the fifth movie in the series. However, if rumors are to be believed, this project might just have been canned by the producers – at least for now.

Shriek 5 release date speciulation

Why Does Shrek 5 Seem Canceled?

Fans of the Giant Orge fear that the series might have been canceled. While there were originally plans to produce a fifth film in the series, it now appears that it is no longer a priority as the production has been postponed a number of times and it seems that the funds have not been released as well. The movie is yet to hit a pre-production stage which means it is as good as canned.

If the rumor mill is to be trusted, this is because of the fact that the producers believe that there just isn’t enough demand in the markets for Shrek 5!

Shriek 5

Shrek 5 To Be Replaced by A Live Action Reboot?

DreamWorks doesn’t intend to work on Shrek 5 right now, but it appears that the production house might just be working towards coming out with a live action reboot of the series soon! While it will have heavy CGI, it would be a much better version of Shrek mapped upon a human using all the latest technologies! Expect more details over the next few months.

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