Shrek 5 release pushed further down as Puss in Boots sequel in work

Shrek 5 released delayed further

Many fans fear and are wondering if Shrek 5 release is still on the cards because it’s been a while since it’s announcement. After the announcement of the movie, both Dreamworks and Comcast NBC Universal have become quiet and no updates have been received.

Shrek 5 is testing our patience

With this said no doubt fans are suspecting if Shrek 5 is under production or not. But the fact behind this is, it is still under process and movie certainly looks to be delayed.

Shrek 5 release pushed further down the curb

It was also in news that production of Shrek 5 might have chances of postponement for the shooting Puss in Boots movie sequel. Push in Boots was also a film of Dreamworks and is under production already.

As the characters behind the film are almost same to Shrek 5, it would be difficult to manage. It seems that they have chosen to release Puss in Boots first as they are more concerned on it now.

Shrek 5 film’s development started way back in 2016 and it was also in news that Michael McCullers was recruited. He was incharge of story and script.

Michael McCullers the reboot incharge

Shrek 5 released delayed further

He took over to give the film to give a different vibe. While still being able to maintain the fresh moments and character’s personality. However its been a while since behind the scene works for movie started,but the premier date is still under curtains.

One thing is sure which the moviegoers should keep in mind that it is reboot and not sequel. This means that it will not pickup from the point where it left off in fourth sequel. There will be complete uniqueness with Michael as its new writer who will inject new storylines to created different plot.

Also Shrek 5 is aiming to showcase some modern world which the audience can relate to not something out of the world which is impossible to happen. In brief they are aiming for something more real but will be fun overall.

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