Silence Unknown Caller is added in the new Apple iOS 13

Silence unknown caller is added in the new Apple iOS 13

Most of us are familiar with the frustrating automatic calls whereas, this problem never comes without due. And now Apple is standing with some exciting feature with the iOS 13. This new feature can stand out and make spam callers quiet or returning them to the voicemail. Apple named the new feature as “silence unknown caller” thus, making comparative unknown calls withdraw from upsetting.

Silence unknown caller can trigger spam calls from call records

However, there are plenty more features which are bundled up with the new iOS 13. But, more excitement arises with this silence unknown caller setting as the tech giant responds. Apple confidently makes statements about the feature that it’s more reliable to block as many spammers. The advance setting allows the iOS to wake Siri and eventually it allows the calls to search for contacts. While anything else from the Siri triggers then it directly sends to the voicemail.

Silence unknown caller is added in the new Apple iOS 13


From a testing report from MacRumors, which was performed this week, gave an authentic report. Thus, the feature set is pretty awesome and could silence a call from unknown sources when the toggle is on. Moreover, they also tried to use the feature by sharing a number through an email. Unfortunately, the case didn’t succeed and it might change before the initial release.

Importantly, 60% of the calls are spams – report

As per reports, the most number of cases are registered for this kind of robocalls. In addition, these calls include scams, telemarketing and serialized company spams which makes around 60% of registered cases. And how all of this unwanted calls is a boon for Apple’s silence unknown caller settings.

Silence unknown caller is added in the new Apple iOS 13

Predictive interface for the setting

For now, the feature is under a test module and need to hit the market late. Personally, preferring to call back and know the caller rather than getting spam filled up my call register. Thus, it bypasses all the spammers from the legitimate callers of the list. It’s also recorded that around 10 billion of robotic calls are made in the US last year. Fortunately, everyone will be happy to give a shot to this new feature.

Further information will be given from the company’s end later this fall. As when the Apple iOS 13 arrives at the market. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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