Silex Malware hits IoT devices, attacks continue

Silex Malware Hits IoT Devices, Attacks Continue

Recently, a new system named Silex Malware is attacking multiple devices. According to the reports, the malware began its work on Tuesday. Moreover, it wiped out more than 2,000 devices.

Silex Malware attacks multiple devices

The Silex malware has blocked multiple devices and the attacks are still ongoing. The officials are predicting that the attacks will increase in the coming days.

If your device is poorly designed or has a weak password then, there are chances for it to get thrasher by Silex Malware.

How does Silex work?

Silex is a malware that operated by attacking IoT device’s storage, removing the network configuration, dropping firewall rules, then halting the device.

If the victim wants to recover the data, then he has to reinstall the device’s firmware. However, reinstalling might complicate things for them.

Besides, some owners may even throw the devices by assuming the device had failure in its hardware. They won’t even know that their device has been attacked by the malware.

The malware mostly targets ARM devices. Plus, it’s Bash shell version is available to download. Also, it’s program is built in such a way that targets only the architecture unit which is running on the victim’s device. Moreover, it mostly targets OS.

As per the reports, officials have held 14 years old responsible for this destructive malware called Silex. The kid went online by the pseudonym of Light Leafon.

Later on, the kid stated that he is planning to develop the Silex malware further. Also, he wants to add more destructive features and functions to it.

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