Simpsons had predicted this Game of Thrones scene way before it had happened

Simpsons Predicted Game of Thrones and it was correct

Did Simpsons really predict Game of Thrones that it was correct? Watch out, spoilers ahead! We have been in love with Simpsons and Game of thrones equally. The memes and the internet buzz already consider Simpsons as the show which has been predicting the future. Which is technically true as well.

The creators and writers of Simpsons surely have some tantric knowledge, to predict the exact future. Both, Game of Thrones and Simpsons fans have been going crazy over the series. After listening and viewing the uncanny resemblance between reality and prediction, the fans have started searching for more clues!

Simpsons Predicted Game of Thrones and it was correct

The actual scene from GoT
Source – New York Post

The Scene from Game of Thrones

We are talking about the Game of Thrones Season 8, episode 5. The battle for the iron throne was in full-fledged wrath. Daenerys had discovered that Varys and Tyrion both betrayed by turning to Cersei.

She had become the Mad Queen. Though Cersei surrendered in the battle, Dany wouldn’t stop as she had to avenge the death of her loved ones! Hence, she summoned the dragon to burn down the whole King’s Landing showing no mercy to the innocents.

Simpsons Predicted Game of Thrones and it was correct

Simpsons predicted GoT
Source – New York Post

The Simpsons Prediction

The Simpsons predicted something of the exact sort in their episode of The Serfsons. The cartoon had an uncanny resemblance of the scene and thus it awestruck everyone. Though, this wasn’t the first time Simpsons predicted the future. Even before that, they have been predicting about smartphones, video calls, etc. They also predicted faulty EVMs.

Basically, these EVMs were faulty, even if somebody voted for Barack Obama the machine would change its vote to Mitt Romney. If someone opposed against it, the EVM would engulf the voter and eat it within! These are enough proofs to state that Simpsons prediction to the Game of Thrones is quite uncanny and the writers and creators have a silver spoon when it comes to prediction.

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