Skate 4 could be EA’s next wish list for E3 2019

Skate 4 could be EA’s next wish list for E3 2019

E3 is coming closer by a month, and EA’s Instagram page is flooded with Skate 4 as a demand. Like every year the demand list goes like this, but this time it is Electronic Arts for Skate 4 comments.

The iconic skating series, Skate 4 was in development as a rumor year ago. But, now will EA make the demand and present it to the fans? However, since the last series released in 2010, Skate 3 there has been no news further. Even the studio – EA Black Box which was responsible has been shut down in 2013.

Skate 4 may not be next project for EA

A lot has changed since 2010 and expecting a game in this gaming space is not fruitful. Moreover, Skating simulator in 2019 is not a commercially acceptable project. So, EA also won’t give importance to the comments as Skate 4.

The comments are viable at points. Subsequently, the Instagram post has around 18K likes and comments more than 1500 in numbers. The regular comments include “Skate 4” where some are with a hashtag #makeskateagain. Though, the fans feel cheated for not getting any announcement after the Skate 3 released.

Skate 4 could be EA’s next wish list for E3 2019

After Skate 3 in 2010, there is no news for the next installment

However, in 2018 a list leaked had a list for Skate 4 but supposedly there was no confirmation during the event. Sadly, we are heading forward for the E3 2019 still we don’t have any hint or a teaser for Skate 4.

Skateboarding simulator needs a remake

At the time of Skating simulators, all players were enthusiastic to play, construct styles and freely trip down. It was a sense of feelings without fear consequently rebel with a purpose built.

A skate park has people in Outnumbered. Skaters try to find new rails to jump, flip and even perch. And this has been made in an online simulator with much ease. However, getting a game at this point is nostalgic with better graphics and real-life experience took aback.

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In the end, we can only expect what to come next in the wish list of EA in E3 2019. And even there can be more than Skate 4 in E3. E3 – Electronic Entertainment Expo will be held from June 11, 2019, to June 13, 2019, at LA Convention Center, California.

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