Slack Down: Disappointed users post their rage on Twitter

Slack went down; But is now up and running

On a tiring Monday, what will make you more frustrated is Slack was down. At 10.50 AM EDT, the popular collaboration platform, Slack went down. People from various parts of the world flooded Twitter with #SlackOutage and #SlackDown as the app faced performance issues and slow messaging problems.

DownDetector reported the outage

Disappointed users post their rage on Twitter with #SlackOutage

Slack Website: showing Server Error (Source: Newsweek)

DownDetector received more than 2,000 outage reports from the slack users. People from Europe and the US are among the most affected ones. Most parts including New York, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco experienced the outage. The users reported problems in accessing the website, connecting issues, and incoming/outgoing messages.

Slack responds to #SlackOutage

Slack confirmed the outage on their status page. And, they ensured that they are aware of the issue and are currently resolving the unprecedented downtime. According to them, many of the users might be facing issues in accessing their workspaces completely.

Also, they might experience issues while sending and receiving messages and slow performance of the app. However, all the core factors were up. But, the only trouble remained the communication between users.

Slack is up and running

However, Slack has now reported that all the issues have now been restored. And, the users can easily access their workspace. They have confirmed that the only issue was with sending messages and slow performance.

Twitter flooded with Slack Outage

The affected users took to various social media platforms to report the outage. And, the most flooded social media platform was Twitter. People have expressed anger, laughs, and even sorrow about the outage. Many of them even shared memes about the outage. And, in a few minutes, #Slackdown became trending on Twitter.

But, the good news, at last, is Slack is now up and running. So, those who could not work on time can now access the app.

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