Sleep Trackers might Steal Away all of your Sleep, so Beware

Your sleep-tracker might steal away all of your sleep, so beware

We live a world that is dominated by stress. The rat race that surrounds us often makes us sleep-deprived. However, all modern problems can be solved with the help of a modern solution. So this complication gave birth to sleep trackers.

Sleep trackers are hijacking people’s sleep

Your sleep-tracker might steal away all of your sleep, so beware

Sleep trackers might not be a good choice
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Sleep trackers help its user to check the quality and quantity of the sleep that a person gets. However recent researches show that sleep trackers might be causing more harm than good to mankind. Alex Whitecross’s routine for more than 9 months had one thing constant. The first thing he does when he wakes up is to check his fitness tracker.

This habit of his gave him more of stress than relief. Alex said

I started getting paranoid about how much sleep I was getting,”

Alex Whitecross is a computer-aided design technician and belongs to South Wales. He brought his tracker in order to measure the amount of exercise he gets. However soon he got more interested in the sleep monitoring function.

He shared his experience and said then the sleep tracker had the opposite effect of what was desired or expected of it. He said

I’m a lighter sleeper than my fiance so I thought it would help me, but it ended up having the opposite effect. I would wake up and look at it, and it would say I’d had five hours and 44 minutes sleep, and spent an hour and 25 minutes awake at night. It made me feel more tired, knowing how little sleep I’d got.”

Your sleep-tracker might steal away all of your sleep, so beware

Sleep instead of checking how long you sleep!
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So the sleep-tracker in his case ended-up making him anxious over his lost sleep. Well, we can definitely site his example to state that “Ignorance is bliss”.

Markets know the value of your sleep, but are you aware of its cost??

Estimates tell that in the UK an average person is sleeping an hour less than what he/she needs. The market is not oblivious to this fact and sleep aids are up high is everyone’s priority list. The sleep aid market is expected to be of worth $81bn by the onset of the upcoming year.

There are umpteen gadgets that can help people to improve their sleep habits. Anti-snoring masks, headbands and mattress that adjusts to your requirements throughout the night are just some of them.

So if you are planning to buy a sleep tracker so as to keep a check on your rest, maybe you should rethink about it. For not all that glitters is gold.

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