Smallville Actress pleads guilty for Sex Cult conspiracy

"Smallville" actress pleads guilty for Sex Trafficking conspiracy led by Raniere.
The actress pleads guilty in 'Sex cult' case.

Popular TV actress of “Smallville”, Allison Mack pled guilty to a charge of turning women into sex slaves for the spiritual leader of Cult.

In the Background

Mack, 36, played superman’s young close friend in “Smallville” series.

She joined NXIVM to “find purpose”. She was not satisfied with her acting career. Correspondingly, she received financial and other incentives from Raniere.

NXIVM “Sex Cult”

Keith Raniere (Vanguard), the founder of cult-like a group: NXIVM, recruited women to turn sex slaves and exploit them.

Additionally, it is an Albany area organization. Not to mention, Mack recruited women as their so-called “Master”.

"Smallville" actress pleads guilty for Sex Trafficking conspiracy led by Raniere

Allison Mack, actress in Smallville

NXIVM established a secret society of women branded with initials of Raniere to have sex with him. The defence attorney claimed sexual relationship as “consensual”.

Conversely, it’s prima facie “Non consensual”.

Statements of Mack shows her repentance

Her statement on accusation while apologizing the victim:

I thought the intention of Keith Raniere was to help people and I was wrong.

She added further,

I am pleading guilty to take full responsibility of by conduct.


Mack will be sentenced on two racketeering on 11th of September: each of 20 years in prison.

Owing to sentencing guidelines, she would face much less time than expected.

Her pleading guilty evades her ongoing trial with Raniere, Bronfman and Russel since all pleaded “not guilty”.

Amongst topics of Jury’s questionnaire, it includes views on “rich individual”, individual actively participating in sex with multiple partners and views on consent mechanism under the age of 17.

"Smallville" actress pleads guilty for Sex Cult conspiracy led by Raniere.

To sum up,

Opening statements for trial will last up to six weeks, scheduled for 29th April.

In the midst of new revelations that Raniere exploited a teenage girl, made the seat of defence table questionable and still grey area.

The charges provided further incentives for his co-defendants to strive for a separate trial.

Source: CNN

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