Snap Spectacles 3 out with a second depth camera faces intense criticism

Spectacles 3 from Snap with a second depth camera and upgraded design

The innovative spectacle company with a touch of AR in their sunglasses are launching in November. Spectacles 3 are the newest sleek design along with a second HD camera. The company is making an effort to provide computing technology for the face. And it’s true that it is a limited edition glasses.

Spectacles 3 from Snap with a second depth camera and upgraded design

It includes a second camera with depth feature and snaps can be uploaded to Snapchat
Credits: Reality Technologies

The price of the Spectacles 3 is 380 US dollars and it’s higher than its predecessor. Executive of Snap franchise says high-end fashion models attract a small group of fashion creators. It is designed to recover the manufacturing cost whereas Snapchat paid 40 million for its first part of the sunglasses. This glasses will be more fashionable among the college students.

Spectacles 3 is allowed to upload snaps into Snapchat account

The most proficient feature of Spectacles 3 is its second camera. This will be the first time that glass will have a camera with depth capture. Snap has also added a 3D effect which directly adjoins with the depth camera. However, this feature is only exclusive to the company whereas the franchise wants third parties to develop AR features for the sunglasses.

Spectacles 3 from Snap with a second depth camera and upgraded design

The Spectacles 3 comes with a charging case as well
Credits: Wccftech

The Snap Spectacles 3 comes in two colours; black and mineral. In addition, the sunglass is lightweight with a steel frame and lens are tinted. It also helps to protect from UV rays. The battery life still needs improvement whereas the second camera also drains much of its battery. It allows storing of 70 videos and 200 photos on a single charge. It takes almost 75 minutes to get a full charge with the help of a USB-C type charger.

The product is not worth than its price

The snaps taken from the spectacle don’t automatically transfer to the Snapchat account. It needs to connect to a wi-fi or Bluetooth to download to the specific Snapchat account. In the meantime, its a lot of work to get the snap from the spectacle to the account. However, the company is providing a 3D resemblance just like Google Cardboard.

At the end talking about the Snap Spectacles 3 is not worth for the money. And the new marquee sunglasses are not just as automatic as it claims.

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