Snapchat Bitmoji Tennis to Woo Wimbledon Fans

Snapchat Bitmoji Tennis game

To give an ode to the world’s biggest tennis tournament Wimbledon, Snapchat has come up with an all-new Bitmoji Tennis game exclusively on Snap Games. Touted to be the second original title by Snapchat, the game will be designed by Snap Design Studio itself.

Bitmoji Tennis reminds us of Snapchat’s previous launch Snapchat Lens. This game allowed its players to play the game with the legendary Serena Williams’ Bitmoji. The game is going to be available for all Snapchat users very soon. They are all advised to update their applications to know the releasing date.

Snapchat Bitmoji Tennis for friends


You can play Bitmoji Tennis with your pals anytime. All you will have to do is just go to Snapchat and click on chat or group chat option. In the chat bar, click on the rocket icon. Snapchat games will launch. You will spot Bitmoji Tennis in the gaming drawer.

Snapchat Bitmoji Tennis game

How to play the game?

You will have to tap to serve a ball and run left and right. Once you will get close to the ball, tilt your phone once your racket sways automatically in the air to aim the shot. You earn 5 points once you hit it right. Bingo!

However, that is not it. You have a lot of other options too. All the points you have earned, your winning streaks, and all other stuff will be saved in your account. You can view them all by going to ‘Sats’ option in the main Snapchat menu.

Players can also upgrade their tennis racket easily. All you have to do is watch the advertisements in-between the game.

Snapchat Bitmoji Tennis game

Snap Games was launched in April 2019 by Snapchat to expand its fanbase through improving their gaming experience. It has made our life more fun and there is more to come we know.  Till then, let’s sink our teeth into the flavours of Bitmoji Tennis and experience the entertainment like we never have.

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