Sonic the Hedgehog movie will have a change in design after the outcry of the fans

sonic the hedgehog movie will have a change of design

The trailer of Sonic the Hedgehog released earlier this week and came under the harsh scrutiny of the fans. The audience is not pleased with the design of this character and Sonic is now getting trolled on social media.

Director Jeff Fowler responded to it and he says that the sound is quite clear and the fans are loud this time. He further says that they will edit the design of the character once again.

The director made it to twitter while in the process of making a response to the criticism. With the release of the new trailer in the week, the fans criticized the designs of the movie which happened to come fast and hard. Read the full story here.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Fowler’s statement

Fowler tweeted in order to avail the fans with reactions where he thanked the fans for the appreciations and the love given as well as the criticisms made. In particular to the criticism, he said that if the fans are wishing for a change to be welcomed in the design of the character of Sonic then it is definitely going to happen.

Everyone in the team would strive to make the character more dynamic and the best as he can be. Their mission #gottafixfast is already rolling. The trailer is now receiving a mixed comment of both praises as well as slams.

Fan’s reactions

The release of the trailer of Sonic the Hedgehog left several fans unsatisfied with the design of the lead character. They all took to social media sites to show their true feelings.


The team is now taking the criticisms seriously. The revelation of the poster was a controversial matter as the character design is to be removed in the very next trailer.

Another major subject of the controversy is the teeth of Sonic. Critics made a comparison of the teeth to the veneers. They also added that the character was not seeming quite true.

But the fixes and the new design is not yet clear for us. However, we hope it lives up to the expectations of the fans.

Moreover, fans got another reason to troll Sonic and the team and this time it is because of the tweet of Fowler.

Stay tuned to understand the best design of the character.

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