Sony Classic Mini Retro at an all time low price on Amazon

Sony Classic Mini Retro at an all time low price on Amazon

Sony is always adamant with its PlayStation gaming community. For them and also due to competition issues, finally, the Mini Retro classic is available at a hands-down low price.

Sony has many competitors in the gaming industry. With Nintendo being on the top. Also, in the mini retro style gaming, there are various other competitors like NES mini and SNES classic mini model both giving equal competition to Sony.

Sony Classic Mini Retro at an all time low price on Amazon


The initial cost of ‘Retro’ was very high (approximately 100$) later due to lack of sales it was cut down to a discounted price of 60$ with offers at Amazon. Lately, due to competition, it was finally put up at an all-time-low price of 25$.

Finally, it rests in the right spot for Gamers and the sales are rising considerably.

Problems to deal with?

There are still certain issues with the ‘Mini Retro’ of Sony. Moreover, it is considerably low in performance with its competitors. Let’s look at its flaws too.

  • Low UI performance.
  • Fewer game titles included.
  • Poor Emulation Performance.
  • Relatively high initial price compared to the product.
  • Comparatively cheaper similar products and better at the performance.
  • Low UI than Nintendo.
  • No ‘Premium’ feelings at the price of 100$

Well as we have seen the setbacks lets see what still keeps Sony Mini Retro in the gaming series.

Simply, it is a collection of 20 game titles with some world famous games like Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy series and Metal Gear Solid series. Still, the game lacks in some basic gameplays like Castlevania series and Horror genre games like the Silent Hill series or some Action-Adventure series like the ‘Tomb Raider’.

Moreover, now as it is available at 25$ only, you can do check it out as its price for the product is totally worth it and you can get the “Retro” feels with the classic version.

You can also hack it for playing more game titles and also the design is equally sleek.

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