Sony creates a 16K screen in Japan with Super Resolution


Japan now has the biggest and highest resolution television in the world. It is manufactured by SONY and has the Super Resolution technology in it.

Features of Sony Super Resolution TV

The display created by Sony has come up with phenomenal features. This has 16 times as much pixels of a 4K television. And 64 times as per a television of 1080 HD TV! In this screen, one can see the image in quite of a clearer way than that of the many other screens.

This can also let the users stand quite close to that of the unit. This is quite longer than that of a bus and the image of the picture is not hazy at all. According to the opinions of an expert, the 16 K technology will definitely take more than a decade even to filter down the products of the consumers.

This screen has currently been installed at a brand new research centre. The centre has been built with the sole purpose of rendering effective services to the Japanese cosmetic group Shiseido.

It is located in the city of Yokohama towards the south of Tokyo. This is such a big screen that this can successfully be also stretched from the first to that of the second floors as well.

When did the development start?

The development was announced by the Sony Company in the National Association of the Broadcasters. The event is now currently being held ie Las Vegas.

David Mercer commented that they are gradually making a move towards the 8K televisions and that would successfully be achieved at the end of the decade most probably.

Sony super resolution tech creates a 16K screen in Japan

Japan to produce 8K TV soon.

The quality of the displays cannot just be put to doubt as they are impressive. The quality has got no comparison. The experience can be all of a mesmerizing one which can help your eyes perceive the best of the content that is displayed.

The single seamless picture must be produced seamlessly. The supersize is now the attention seeker and is creating a buzz all around.


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