Sony holds 40th anniversary event for iconic Walkman music player

Credits: Japan Today

Sony Corporation is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Walkman. Moreover, the 2-month extended exhibition is held in Tokyo, Japan. The event will showcase some interactive exhibits of numerous models of classic portable song player.

My Story, My Walkman

The exhibit is called “My Story, My Walkman,” where the #009 Walkman in the Park took away the spotlight. The event is held every year which tells the stories of 40 artists, public figures and creators of music player of that period.

During the event, visitors can get a chance to listen to the songs picked by the famous personality on the display of each walkman. Moreover, the event begins from the ground level.

A 2.5 mt high Walkman model is showcased after the waterproof yellow sports design which was launched in 1983. Similarly, all the basement floor is covered with exhibits at Ginza Sony Park in the shopping district of Tokyo.

Besides, the other displays contain a Walkman Wall, which showcases around 237 Walkman models created over the past years. It also features a Custom Walkman that displays Walkman skins created by artists.

History of Walkman

The very 1st Walkman model was launched for marketing on 1st July 1979. Since then, it has helped to change the way we listen to songs. The late Sony co-founder Masaru Ibuka was the person who planned the design for a portable cassette player.

Moreover, he knew that it would be the right way to listen to songs during business trips. When it was launched, around 400 million pieces were sold globally.

Monday’s program will stay open to the public until 2020. Moreover, the new building of Sony is expected to be renovated by 2022.

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