Sony PlayStation 5 is all set for the BIG LAUNCH

Sony to announce the newest PlayStation

The PlayStation 5 is something that is on the verge of development. It will arrive quite sooner than we are thinking of. There is again an unclear report that is prevailing about the arrival of the thrill packet “the PlayStation”, the Sony, as well as the media and the picture, is quite hazy.

With the emerge of the new and fresh PlayStation this is quite clear that Sony intends to keep up with the competition that is seen but again there are some fundamental elements which are required to be mandatorily there.

The Arrival

The next PlayStation is quite closer than one thing of usually. The successor coming up is one of the most awaited releases for the game lovers. The moves and the attempts of the company for the sole purpose to make the PlayStation is quite clear.

Sony to announce the newest PlayStation.

More than a 90 million of the PlayStation 4, Sony is all ahead in the rat-race competition from those of the Nintendo to those of the Microsoft by the units of 10 million or like such.

What does Sony need to maintain a good lead?

Here are a few things that Sony would definitely require to maintain to have a good lead. The first thing is Sony must essentially include the major games exclusively. This PlayStation must be a move towards the digital platform.

This must also encourage videogame streaming. The limitation and the high price factors can surely be the two factors that have to be concerned a lot. But the game streaming is one of the best things. With this, the games can be brought to any device.

Sony to announce the newest PlayStation

Xbox One v. Nintendo Switch v. PS4

Leaving the current iteration that all the PlayStation are going through, Sony necessarily requires to have few more features added to it for sure. The cross-platform play must also be embraced. The virtual reality is a must that is sought by today’s market.

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