Sony to Produce Movies on Videogames Adaptations Soon

Sony to Produce Movies on Videogames Adaptations Soon

Big cheers to Sony to finally open a separate movie studio for production of movies inspired from video-games. The designated studio, PlayStation Productions will turn your favorite PlayStation 4 games to movies.

Sony: The start of a ‘new beginning’

Sony to Produce Movies on Videogames Adaptations Soon

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Sony Interactive Entertainment house has announced to launch a new production studio called PlayStation Productions soon. The studio will focus majorly on producing TV shows and movies adapted from company’s hit video-games.

Asad Qizilbash, former Vice President of Marketing in Playstation will be the first executive head of Playstation Productions. While Playstation former boss Shawn Layden will oversee the managements.

Sources have revealed that the production work has formally started.
Some titles are even in production team’s checklist. Unlike Marvels, the studio will not follow a conventional cadence for releasing films.

Furthermore, the studio is currently in negotiation with top notch producers like Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Kevin Feige as well.

Adapting a book to movies and videogames for shows are two very different things. While the former is very usual to see around, the latter is still in speculations.

The show-makers too are afraid whether the writers will understand the franchise or movies will turn into shot to shot retellings.

What to expect from the house: the movies, the fiming and our favourite characters

Sony to Produce Movies on Videogames Adaptations Soon

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Sony team intends to create a space for the fans to see their favorite characters growing in such different ways. A video game sequel takes two-three years to get fabricated and upright for audience.
The movies and shows will surely leave them with a delightful experience.

The end of year may see a movie from the production house. After the success of Detective Pikachu at box office, the makers are highly encourged to film other such adaptations. 

While the list of movies is far away from our guesswork, one of the executive have hinted the production of some legendary games. And guess what, it will be none other than Mario and Bloodrayne.

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