SpaceX Falcon Heavy core booster misses an ocean platform

Falcon Heavy's core booster misses an ocean platform: SpaceX

SpaceX Falcon Heavy has been in the spotlight a few times. Being SpaceX heftiest rocket it shouldered far more responsibilities than its siblings. The reusable rocket recently got its third ticket of space ride. This phenomenon once again brought it to spotlight, however this time for several reasons.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy third flight turns out to be its first night-time launch

SpaceX’s most powerful rocket Falcon heavy launched on Tuesday for its third ride. It carried with itself a total of 24 satellites and ashes of 152 humans. Yes, it carried the ashes of deceased humans with itself to space.

The ashes are added by the Celestis Memorial SpaceFlights. They are packed in metal capsules. The weight of the metal capsules is between 5 grams to 7 grams. The capsules even have sayings ingrained upon them.

SpaceX has already claimed this mission as one of their most difficult one. Even though it was the third flight of SpaceX Falcon Heavy, it was still his first night-time launch. It was also the first flight of SpaceX Falcon Heavy, that was ordered by the military.

Know what all it is carrying

Falcon Heavy's core booster misses an ocean platform: SpaceX

Falcon Heavy is the first recycled rocket used by the military
Source: USA Today

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Defense Department mission was named as Space Test Program-2 (STP-2). One of the satellites carried by it on its middle of the night ride was Deep Space Atomic Rocket. This satellite is bound to change the way astronauts as well as robots travel and navigate themselves through space.

It’s even carrying with itself a solar sail satellite. Few hours before the takeoff the weather was noted to be 70% in favour of the launching. Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX had even admitted this mission being one of the most difficult.

This flight is suspected to provide enough positive information that will certify Falcon heavy and its reusable boosters fit for national security launches. Falcon Heavy is also the first recycled rocket that was used by the military.

Falcon Heavy's core booster misses an ocean platform: SpaceX

Falcon Heavy’s launching
Source: The Independent

SpaceX announced that both of the side boosters successfully landed back on the Earth at the Cape Canaveral. However, the new core booster which was installed in Falcon Heavy missed an ocean platform.

This is just a minor mishappening that has taken place and it was very much expected as well. For this mission was particularly a quiet difficult one.

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