SpaceX Falcon Heavy first night-time launch is scheduled on 24th June

Falcon Heavy's first night-time launch is scheduled on 24th June

SpaceX most powerful rocket Falcon Heavy is once again ready to take-off. It’s all ready to once again claim the sky and what’s beyond it. However, this will its first ever nighttime launch. The launch is set to take place on 24th June, that is on Monday.

SpaceX’s most powerful rocket will attempt its first night-time launch

Falcon Heavy's first night-time launch is scheduled on 24th June

Falcon Heavy’s first night-time launch

As accepted by SpaceX itself this launch is amongst the most challenging ones that the company has faced in history. NASA will live-stream the entire launching procedure from 8 pm onwards. The live-stream will take place from Launch 39A which is in the Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

8:30 pm is the time the actual launch window will open and it is speculated to remain open for 4 consecutive hours. If present conditions are taken under consideration when they are 70% in favour of the launch. Other additional information will be provided on Monday.

The mission that Falcon Heavy has undertaken as its third task is dubbed as Space Test Program-2. SpaceX Falcon Heavy is going to propel a total of 24 satellites in the Earth’s orbit. As well as the ashes of 152 dead people.

What all Falcon Heavy is carrying

Falcon Heavy's first night-time launch is scheduled on 24th June

This is going to be Falcon Heavy’s third launch

The satellites carried by SpaceX Falcon heavy include Deep Space Atomic Clock and Lightsail 2. Lightsail 2 is a solar-sail test mission which is promoted by Bill Nye, the famous science star. While Deep Space Atomic Clock is satellite which is bound to change the way astronauts and robots navigate themselves in space.

The ashes of 152 people are added by Celestis Memorial Spaceflights company. This is not the first time such an event is taking place. The ashes are stored in capsules that have sayings ingrained on them. The tiny metal capsules weigh between 5 grams to 7 grams.

SpaceX has already claimed it to be one of their most difficult mission. It said

“\The STP-2 mission will be among the most challenging launches in SpaceX history,”

While SpaceX’s founder Elon Musk also tweeted on this matter saying

This will be our most difficult launch ever,”

Let’s see if SpaceX is able to get victorious this time or not!!

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