SpaceX launches 60 Internet Satellites into the outer orbit

60 Internet Satellites launched into the outer-space orbit by SpaceX-1

This past Thursday night, something revolutionary happened after launch by SpaceX. Something that might change the dynamic of space internet completely and also stem a new big business opportunity.

SpaceX, Elon Musk’s company launched 60 satellites that are built for internet communications from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The station is situated in Florida.

After the passing of an hour since the launch of the satellites, they had reached 270 miles above the earth. This batch of satellites is a part of the system called Starlink. The batch got removed from the rocket that was used to carry it. After that, the satellites started upon their individual journeys above the planet.

60 Internet Satellites launched into the outer-space orbit by SpaceX

The web of satellites around the globe. Source: Geek-wire

A host of firms have been providing satellite internet services from 22,200 miles above the surface of the earth. They use satellites of the geostationary communication type. The satellites always remain at the same spot because they orbit around the earth at a similar speed.

What that means is that the completion time of their orbit is one day which is also the rotation time for earth.

The services provided currently have a lot of flaws. Their area isn’t that wide. They are also very expensive.

60 Internet Satellites launched into the outer-space orbit by SpaceX

Space X and its satellites. Source: Stardom Space

Starlink different or better

The satellites from Starlink or going to orbit closer to the earth. They will be around 210 and 710 above the surface of the earth, also what this will do is that it will cut down on lags and latency.

SpaceX said that performance will be on par with the cable and wire-based networks which most of the people use today. The satellites will help in providing internet services to the most neglected parts of the world. Starlink will offer good speeds because the satellites travel at a much faster speed and in a constellation format.

Also, we wish Elon Musk all the best for his endeavor.

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