SpaceX will launch the remains of 152 people along with 24 satellites


SpaceX is all geared up for the 3rd launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket of its. However, this time it’s for a noble deed. The mission is termed as Space Test Program-2 and its goal is to thrust the ashes of cremated people into the orbit.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket will carry the ashes on its third ride through space

Yes, you read that right the Falcon Heavy rocket will send people’s ashes into space. This noble deed is done by a company called Celestis Memorial Spaceflights. The firm purchases an available room on spacecraft and fills it with capsules. The capsules hold the remains of deceased people and are often referred to as participants.

The capsules weight range between 1 gram to 7 grams and is available in different sizes. One of the adorable things about these capsules is that they have sayings ingrained upon them. The capsules that have boarded Falcon Heavy for STP-2 have said such as “Space Truckin’ Forever.”  and “Reach for the stars!”

SpaceX will launch the remains of 152 people along with 24 satellites

The capsules
Source: Business Insider India

The cost of sending a loved one’s ashes to the orbit can be under $5,000 if orbital flights are used. However, some people prefer sending it much far-away using deep-space and lunar flights and it costs around $12,500 for each capsule.

The Heavy Falcon rocket will commence its third mission between 11:30 p.m of 24th June to 2:30 am of 25th June. The rocket is carrying the ashes of 152 people.

Similar events have taken place in the past

SpaceX will launch the remains of 152 people along with 24 satellites

Falcon Heavy: SpaceX
Source: Business Insider India

This is not the first time such a mission has been undertaken. Celestis Memorial Spaceflights was founded in the year 1994. Ever since then the company has flown 15 different rockets carrying cremated remains of people.

The ashes of Eugene Shoemaker, the famous geologist and planetary scientist too was sent to the moon in the year 1998 by this firm. Celestis also flew out the remains of James Doohan, the Star Trek actor in the year 2008 into the orbit.

Falcon Heavy will propel a total of 24 satellites along with the ashes. One of the satellites that are supposed to be launched in this mission is NASA’s Deep Space Atomic Clock. The satellite might end-up changing the way astronauts and robots navigate themselves through space.

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