Spider-Man: Far From Home post-credits scenes imply about future of MCU

What Spider-Man: Far From Home post-credits scenes imply about MCU

Spider-Man: Far From Home’s end is itself a beginning. It points at some major facts linked to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter finally takes an off from his Spider-Man’s duties and responsibilities. He now focuses on his normal life as a high-school student.

An insight of Spider-Man: Far From Home

What Spider-Man: Far From Home post-credits scenes imply about MCU

Basically, both Avengers: End Game and Far From Home showcase how the world is overcoming from the fear after Thanos wiped half of the inhabitants of the universe. This also includes Peter who had pushed a hold button on his life for five years.

post-credits scenes imply about MCU

He came back to see Tony Stark, his mentor who sacrificed his own life in order to cease Thanos’ evil deeds. So, its quite understood that Peter now wants to relax and relish his normal life. He wants to enjoy a vacation in Europe with his friends. But, being a superhero he has great responsibilities which make him a friendly superhero neighbour.

How many post-credit scenes are there?

Now, after watching the movie, you might be wondering about how many official post-credit scenes are there. So, to clear your doubts, there are two post-credit scenes. Out of which, one comes immediately after Zendaya and Peter wrap up their date. And the second comes after the full credits including music credits, many many thanks etc. are completed. So, you can wait in the empty cinema hall to watch it or you can go back home.

Post-Credit Scene #1

Far From Home post-credits scenes imply about MCU

Quentin Back a.k.a Mysterio left a video message which creates a misconception that Spider-Man killed him in order to eliminate the competition among the superheroes. Now, the revelation of this video definitely breaks like news. And, this finally lets the world know that Peter is Spider-Man. But, Peter was one of the few superheroes whose true identity was hidden.

Now, that the world knows about him, it will be interesting to see how Peter and his friends deal with those who think of Peter as a villain.

Post-Credit Scene #2

Home post-credits scenes imply about MCU

Now, this scene is the most interesting as many of you might not watch it in the theatre. This scene deviates the focus back on Nick Fury and Maria Hill. But it actually unveils that they both are not Nick Fury and Maria Hill at all. For this, you need to go back to times when Talos and his wife Soren- Skrulls were introduced in Captain Marvel. They took over the identity of two secret agents at Fury’s request.

However, it is not clear when the identity swap took place. But when they call Fury, it is revealed that he is in some space station. This points out that whatever happens next will somehow be happening in space.

Now, what could be the reason of Fury being in a space station? Is MCU planning to introduce S.W.O.R.D in the future? Or Fury is assisting in the mission “unavailable” Captain Marvel? Or maybe she is on a lavish vacation?

The post-credit scenes from Spider-Man: Far From Home raise more and more questions instead of answering a few of them. But here begins the vivid imagination of Marvel fans.

Keep watching this space for exploring more untold theories!

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