Spotify Problems: Most common Issues and How to Fix the Spotify Problems?

Spotify Problems and Fix

Spotify is used by every music lover all over the world as it provided the best songs and playlists without any hindrance. But sometimes, the App itself has problems that can spoil your mood and create trouble in your work routines.

There has been a recent increase in Twitter regarding the complaints about Spotify’s daily mixes. Many users are also complaining about streaming error and Spotify is down issue. Here are the most common Spotify issues and problems and the simplest ways to fix them.

Spotify Problems and Fixes

Spotify Down and Streaming Problems

Spotify has been missing out on the daily mixes playlists since the start of October and users are worried about it. The problem has been worked on and can be corrected most of the time by reinstalling the app or logging out and in after restarting the Spotify app.

There has been a various instant where a user can’t access the app as it shows that Spotify is down or you are offline. One can always check on the Spotify DownDetector to know whether the app is actually down or they have a problem on their phone only.

Many times Spotify can’t stream a certain track and it may be a problem from your end. One can check the network and their wifi settings, restart the router and turn airplane mode on and off. Spotify will stream the song once it is able to connect with their server.

Fix Spotify Problems

The biggest gripe for the Spotify users is the stuttering during playback which can be annoying and spoil the mood. It happens due to low data rate and there is an easy fix for that problem, one can just open Spotify settings and go to Edit > Preferences > Enable hardware acceleration.

Spotify problems can also be related to account and device, such as sharing issues, offline devices and forgetting the password. The basic solution is to go to settings and preferences, log out of the devices, not in use and click on the forget password link.

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