Standford students have come up with a DIY robot called Doggo

Standford students have come up with a DIY robot called Doggo

If you are good with machines and DIY robot and have got a couple of thousand dollars with a pinch of engineering knowledge, you just got lucky. The students at Standford have done what nobody could.

They have created a DIY robot platform which uses four feet and they have named it Doggo. It is a DIY robot that can be created by using your regular available parts. It’s much better than its counterparts which require big sponsored labs and hundreds of thousands of dollars to make.

The offering is waiting to be showcased at the IEEE International Conference on Robots and Automation. The DIY robot, Doggo was the joint effort of the robotics club of Standford. Extreme mobility team contributed majorly.

They wanted to create a platform which had 4 legs and one that would cost the lowest. The kids want other people to build it and test it and make robots more accessible.

Standford students have come up with a DIY robot called Doggo-1

The robot Doggo from the front. Source: New Atlas

What the DIY robot is like?

The DIY robot is a stiff looking piece of engineering. It has polygonal legs with a rather light and bouncy way of walking. It can easily jump three feet. There isn’t the involvement of any sort of springs or shockers. The motors on the robot act like virtual springs because of the sampling forces.

No automation for this DIY robot Doggo. Though, automation can be easily worked upon. Since it’s very cheap and doesn’t comprise of any exotic parts, it can be used for research at various other robotic departments.

Click this link if you want to build your own Doggo.

Standford students have come up with a DIY robot called Doggo

Doggo from the left. Source: Pressform

What the creators have to say about it?

“We had seen these other quadruped robots used in research, but they weren’t something that you could bring into your own lab and use for your own projects,” Doggo lead engineer Nathan Kau said in a news post at Stanford. “We wanted Stanford Doggo to be this open source robot that you could build yourself on a relatively small budget.”

The extreme mobility team is going to work with the Robotic Exploration Lab of the university and will focus on improving the capabilities of the robot. They will also be working on another robot named Woofer which will be double the size of Doggo.

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