Star Wars Sign spotted in Desert of Mars by NASA


The desert over the Mars surface has always had something incredulous to offer us. Here it is again then with something special for all the Star-wars maniacs!

Star-wars fans going Ga-GaNASA has something special for all Star wars fans

The NASA team has just discovered the Star Trek insignia on Mars surface. NASA’s Mars Rover — a satellite that keeps circling around the hottest planet — recently released an image. It had a very old lava rock. It looks almost similar to the Star Trek Star-fleet insignia which is worn by the show’s galactic explorers.

NASA’s scientists have a scientific explanation for this too. The geological shape, calling it “a synthesized story of dunes and lava.”

How it ended up on the red planet:

The land of Mars was once home to some of the greatest sand dunes, which slowly ended up sliding across the ground as they do on Earth. One happening day there took an eruption explained NASA, and the spilt around the sand dunes. The sand has since been blown away many times, but there are footprints left over by the cooled lava residues.

William Shatner, a very popular character, on the show, used the image of the star trek to challenge and have fun with the Star Wars franchise, tweeting that “We beat you”

NASA has something special for all Star Wars fans

But Mark Hamill who wasn’t too entertained with such a sight on the Mars deserts.

“Looks like a boomerang to me,” the Star Wars icon responded mocking his counterpart.

The shapes were observed due to dunes, lava residues and winds.

In previous images of Mars surfaces, Crescent-shaped dunes were a common sighting in the area. An explosion sent lava berserk out and moving around the dunes but uncovered. As the lava residues went on to cool, the dunes ended up to become like islands.

But since they were actually sand dunes, so the wind eventually moved them. Their footprints referred to as “dune casts,” we’re still left behind in the lava residues field.
So, no, it’s not an alien habitat or Star-fleet base –until & unless the United Federation of Planets has some explaining to do. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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