Steph flies to NY to discuss on Durant’s desicion of leaving!

Steph flies to NY to discuss on Durant's desicion of leaving!

It is most likely that Kevin Durant won’t be appearing in NBA 2019-2020 Season. The news was still in the air and predictions were dropping in, but the legend himself confirmed it before meeting Steph.

The MVP twice of NBA announced on Instagram that he will sign with the “Brooklyn Nets”. Currently, he is still in rehabilitation due to his surgery. After recovering he is most likely to work upon the decision.

Durant’s decision will alter “NBA” drastically. Steph knew about this and thus he tried to talk to Kevin regarding his decision of leaving “Golden State Warriors”.


“He wasn’t going to pitch Kevin Durant on why he should stay with the Warriors.”

Why didn’t Steph changed flight midway?

However, even while hearing the news. Steph still met him without altering his plans. As he thought this is more than just a decision, it is an emotion. One last goodbye as they won’t be playing together anymore.

Klay basically terms the trip to New York as his “last-ditch effort”. But still which was in vain. Moreover, it is surprising to imagine Steph journeying a long flight from China to NY, and get the news in mid-flight that the decision is already done. And despite knowing that Kevin was going, Steph Curry did finish the journey and then saw him talk about the decision.

Steph Curry

“Warriors” still don’t have much to worry as they still have a player which was traded on behalf of Durant. D’Angelo Russel now has a big chance to outshine in Golden Warriors and become MVP. Thompson still is injured even after signing on this Sunday.

Durant’s leave raises many questions regarding the ‘behaviour’ and connectivity of him with his teammates. Still what is done cannot be undone now.

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