Steven Universe Season 6: Is a Sixth Season Really Happening?

Steven Universe Season 6

Steven Universe Season 6 has been a major cause of unrest among fans. Even before the movie version came out in 2019, people were anticipating its return to television. The long wait has now lead to rumors of cancellation and delays, causing a lot of confusion among the fans. However, the wait is finally over, for it has been officially announced that Steven Universe Season 6 is coming back for sure.

Steven Universe Season 6 Happening?

The much-awaited announcement of return was made by none other than the creator of the show, Rebecca Sugar. This year’s Comic Con which was held in New York brought this unexpected pre-Christmas gift for the fans.

Now since the return of the series has been confirmed other speculations and worries have begun to bother the fans. The forthcoming installment of the show will be with the same voice artists as in the previous season confirmed by Rebecca.

Steven Universe Season 6 Cast and Story

So what’s new about this season? Well, for starters fans will witness many subtle and major changes. Some things that are bound to get major changes are – the opening scene, title, and theme song as well. Yes, the previous melody has been replaced – while some fans are disappointed, there are others who are looking forward to the new tune.

Steven Universe Season 6 really happening?

As reported by Los Angels Times, the story of Steven Universe Season 6 may now be dubbed as Steven Universe ‘Future’. As the name suggests it will revolve around the new life of Steven. He will find his escape from other people’s troubles just to be ensnared in his own!

While no official release date of has been assigned to the Sixth season, the news of its arrival after the long silence is enough to excite us fans!

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