Stevie Wonder ends his concert with an announcement about his surgery

Stevie Wonder ends his concert with an announcement about his surgery

Sometimes coming-out with the truth before rumours tell an imaginary tale is better. Stevie Wonder did the same by disclosing the real story of his health issue. He astonished the concertgoers on Saturday night in London by his unexpected announcement of a Kidney transplant.

Stevie Wonder will undergo a kidney transplant

Stevie Wonder ends his concert with an announcement about his surgery

Kidney Transplant announcement
Source: Detroit News

The 69-year-old music legend Stevie Wonder declared that he will be undergoing a kidney transplant this fall. The announcement was made after his performance in the live-concert which was being held in London’s Hyde Park.

He informed the overwhelming crowd that stretched as far as one’s eyes could travel that, he has found a donor. The surgery is set to take place in September this year. Stevie even said that he is announcing about his future plans just to stop rumours that are bound to break out soon.

Informing the eager audience about his schedule he said that he shall be doing 3 more shows before taking a temporary break for the kidney transplant. He reassured the audience about his health saying that he has already found a donor and things will be fine for sure.

The crowds of tens of thousands cheered and applauded, encouraging Stevie as he made the announcement. Stevie even added in his little speech that he did the concert so to give his love to his fans as well as to thank them for theirs.

Stevie Wonder ends his concert with an announcement about his surgery

The 69 years old Legendary Stevie Wonder
Source: NBC Los Angeles

Stevie’s health issue forces him for a surgery

His little speech of assurance and information, however, lacked any definite information regarding his disease. Stevie Wonder did not provide any internal information regarding the health issue that forced him for the surgery. Even representatives for Stevie did not immediately turn-up with a response regarding the issue.

The truth about his illness might have stayed hidden, had he not announced it. For his current life was quite active involving umpteen concerts and performances. People could not have guessed that something was wrong with him!!

The owner of more than 2 dozen Grammy Awards won the hearts of his fan once again with his act. Even though the announcement was made with a sober face and severe expressions the smile that broke loose in the last set everything right.

Let’s just hope and pray that this surgery helps him to live a longer life of blissfulness. Giving some more decades of his appearance to fans.

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