Revoke Article 50: Gets Whooping 4 Million Signatures to Stop Brexit


The petition to stop Brexit on Parliament website has now become the most popular petition in history with over 4 million signatures.

In the last 24 hours alone, the petition has attracted 2 million signatures. On average, 2000 people sign every minute, making it the most popular online protest of our times.

What is the Government’s take on the Petition?

The petition needed 100,000 signatures to be debated in the Parliament, and it has surpassed the margin long ago. Additionally, nearly a million people took to the streets in Central London yesterday, urging the Government to take a second referendum debating Brexit.

Former college lecturer Margaret Anne Georgiadou started the petition with the purpose of putting ‘stop to the claim that exiting the EU is the will of the people.’

The online protest gained attention again on Wednesday night in yet another turbulent week in the Parliament to stop Brexit.

PM Theresa May take on revoking Article 50 to Stop Brexit

However, the entire exercise may turn out to be futile. On the subject of revoking Article 50, Prime Minister Theresa May said, ‘that would be to betray the result of the referendum.’

The petition passed the 2 million mark on Thursday night. Responding to the news,

Mrs May said, “They voted in 2016, they voted to leave. I think the time is now to deliver for the British people, the time is now to make the decision.”

Theresa May on Brexit

The third ‘meaningful vote’ is scheduled for next week where MPs will vote on May’s deal. If she can get enough backing, the EU has agreed to extend Brexit to May 22.

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