Stranger Things season 3: Billy’s character goes from menacing to sinister

Stranger Things season 3: Billy's character goes from menacing to sinister

Stranger Things season 2 introduced to the audience many dynamic characters. Characters who were destined to take lead and play integral roles in the upcoming seasons. One such character was Billy Hargrove played by Drace Montgomery. The character went from menacing to sinister to hero-type in the span of just two seasons.

Billy Hargrove character’s turned out to a fan favourite

Stranger Things season 3: Billy's character goes from menacing to sinister

Billy’character is loved by fans.
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Billy turned out to be a fan favourite character owing to his macho personality. Even though he was a bad guy with an edge of violence coupled with an unpredictable nature, people loved him. His bada** attitude enthralled the audience making him an instant hit amongst people.

The character had been meticulously built to personify a messed-up, violent yet good-to-the-core person. He puffed his cigarette as he worked out like a manic and yet was famous amongst young moms. All thanks to his charismatic personality and invincible athletic skills.

In the second season of Stranger Things Billy was portrayed as a troubled and violent character. One who holds a fractured relationship with Max Hargrove, his younger sister. The season rapped with Billy taking a backseat as the battle between Eleven and Mind Flayer stole all the limelight.

However, fans waited for Billy to take the stage for the upcoming season. Well, Stanger Things did not disappoint people as the trailer itself allowed showered him with a spotlight. The minute and a half clip showed what was supposed to be his future life. Him taking up the job of a lifeguard at the Hawkins Community Pool.

Stranger Things season 3 marks the end of Billy??

Stranger Things season 3: Billy's character goes from menacing to sinister

Billy dies at the end of Season 3
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Billy gets infected by the Mind Flayer and throughout the series act as its instrument. He goes around infecting other people even his own parents who were his second unlucky victim. However, the most terrifying thing was the final episode.

The final episode brought with itself the end of Billy. However, he died like a hero protecting Eleven. As the Mind Flayer relentlessly tries to kill an exhausted Eleven, Billy appears. His entry was sinister, for he was a helper of Mind Flayer. However, in the course of the episode, he gets free from the influence.

He takes the monster single-handedly however he succumbed in these efforts. Passing away like a true hero. However, certain fans still hope to see a magic appearance of the character in the next season. Let’s see if this season will be the end of Billy or not??

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