Stranger Things Season 3 cast Francesca Reale reveals character’s secret

Stranger Things Season 3 cast Francesca Reale
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Francesca Reale is playing the recurring role of Heather who is a lifeguard in Stranger Things Season 3. Reale has revealed few details about her role which has become the centrepiece of a dark mystery.

Francesca Reale’s audition for Stranger things 3

Recently, Stranger Things actor Francesca Reale stated that the show creators were so secretive about the character and the new season that they wouldn’t even let her read the scripts to audition.

Francesca Reale as Heather in Stranger Things 3.

Credits: Francesca Reale

She knew that she was auditioning for the Stranger Things series. However, she had zero clues about what she was getting herself into because she hadn’t even touched the scripts. She thought that her role was the same as others in the series.

During the audition, they gave her a particular scene from Scream which is the most popular scene in the entire film. It was the scene where Drew Barrymore gets a phone call from the serial killer where they talk about their favourite scary movies.

However, the scene was frustrating for her because she had to find a unique way to get the attention of the casting team. Finally, the show offered him the role after giving her best in the audition. First, she thought that they were joking. But her hard work finally paid off.

Who is Heather in Stranger Things Season 3?

Francesca Reale portrays the role of Heather who is a local pool lifeguard working along with Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery). Her world turns upside down when she gets entangled in the supernatural world in the eerie Indiana town.

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