Stranger Things Season 4 To Introduce 4 New Characters: Everything You Need to Know

Stranger Things Season 4 will have 4 new characters

Stranger Things Season 4 is coming back with a big surprise for the viewers. It seems that the show is going to feature four new characters this time around! The popular science fiction-thriller series of Netflix is planning to introduce new characters to spice up their storyline heading into the fourth season. The Duffer brothers have introduced new characters almost every season – and with the fourth season, reports from TVLine indicate that they are going to do the same.

Stranger Things season 4: New Characters

All four new characters are expected to be male – three of them will be teenagers while the fourth would be an adult. This information probably leaked via the casting queries. The character description of the three teens of Stranger Things Season 4 has also been disclosed. The first teen will be a metalhead, while the second will end up to be an entitled jock. The third will be a stoner.

With these new addition to the show, it is expected to pay homage to the decade’s famous signature TV and film tropes from the 80s. Another interesting fact about Stranger Things Season 4 is that the adult will play a role major storyline. Thought shooting is not planned to commence for the next several months the viewers are already excited about what the future beholds for the series.

Stranger Things Season 4 Release Date

The next season of the show will come out in late 2020 or possibly even early 2021. With the shooting yet to kick off, the process will take some time – and it looks like we are going to get one year off. We also know that this time, the show moves out of Hawkins – as it goes to Russia, where the third season ended. Stay tuned with us for more information on the fourth season of Stranger Things!


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