Stranger Things Season 4 Updates and Spin-Off Rumors: Netflix Series will have more Episodes


Stranger Things is set to return with its spin-off starring the dynamic group of Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin and Max. The kids have all grown up and ready to find out what’s going on in the Upside Down.

The main cast of the show are set to finish their high school. Netflix is considering that it would be better to end the show and focus on the spin-off now. It is already discussing the ending of the show and the planning of the spin-off.

A source reported that Netflix is currently in discussion for the spin-off where the fans will get to see the characters who have grownup now. The Upside Down is rearing its end and the spin-off will bring the kids together once again.

The insider revealed that  instead of the fifth season, Netflix will end the season with a big-budget film.

Delay in Season 4 good?

The production of season 4 began in the beginning of this year and two episodes were completed before the lockdown. However, the pandemic has derailed the entire schedule. The writers have also completed the scripts of the nine episodes of Season 4.

According to Natalie Dyer, who plays Nancy in the movie, the delay could be a good thing.

Normally, there’s a kind of ‘writing as we’re going,’ but it seems they’ve had enough time. I think it’s maybe been a blessing for the writers, in some way, because they had the time to just sit down, think and create.

The show is set to continue production in September. So the fans will have to wait till next year or early 2022 to watch Season 4.

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