Stranger Things season 4 will soon begin production with a mystery plot

Stranger Things season 4 is on its way: Be patient

Stranger Things Season 4 has a new update and we have great news for you. Ever since the Stranger Things Season 3 came to an end, you must be looking out for new season’s news. Any hint, any rumor, any-anything that will say it is coming back soon.

Well, the tortures wait is finally over for reports state that the filming will start this autumn itself!! Are you excited?? Don’t worry we have got you covered with the latest updates about Stranger Things season 4!!

Stranger Things season 4 speculated commence its production soon!

Stranger Things season 4 is on its way: Be patient

Season 4 production starting soon
Source: Digital Spy

The last season of Stranger Things successfully broke several records. People found 14 years old taking off almost all the time, while their mood swings oscillated between great extremes quite entertaining. The Stranger Things Season 3 of the series crashed records left, right and centre. Starkly encouraging uber-fast production of new series.

According to the Netflix Twitter handle, the fantasy’s Season 3 was watched by approximately 40.7 million account holders in just the span of its initial 4 days. However, we all know how each account is actually accessed by at least 3 people, so the unofficial numbers must be greater than this!!

Last series broke Netflix records!!

Stranger Things season 4 is on its way: Be patient

Just wait a little more!
Source: Digital Spy

The series broke all records by garnering such huge audience in just 4 days. Netflix even tweeted to inform about the record breakers. Even though an official statement regarding the new season’s arrival is still pending, we all know is gonna happen!!

I mean come-on, the cliffhanger ending coupled with the critical reaction of the audience is the biggest proof of its inevitability!!! Take my words, though I know, you already know it, Stranger Things Season 4 is definitely gonna happen!!

Thought the plot still remains a mystery, speculation about Upside Down being a part of it is in air. ComicBook.com reports that the old cast is still contract bound, so they shall all return for this season. Even David Harbour who owns a mysterious ending of its own could come back!!

Matt and Ross Duffer refused to budge and give a small insight regarding the plot and storyline. However, they certainly hinted towards a very different perspective of the season. So fans be aware, they can come back in any form or shape!!

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