Stranger Things: The weird Upside-Down Science connection

The weird Upside-Down Science connection of Stranger Things

Whenever we come across an eye-catching supernatural series, we wonder what it would feel like to actually live it? I mean living like in a dramatizing world of evil where the victory of good is inevitable. Some series leave a mark on our hearts, which aches forever asking us to take a step in those wonderlands. One such series is Stranger Things. However, there seems to be some upside-down connection of the show with science. Maybe it’s not all fiction!!!

Stranger Things is not all fiction

Stranger Things seem to have a connection with science irrespective of the fact that it’s basically a fiction. However, the science that the series follows appears to be of a parallel dimension.

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The strange-complex life of organisms in Stranger Things could exist somewhere-else in the galaxy, according to a professor of Dartmouth College.

The weird Upside-Down Science connection of Stranger Things

Stranger Things creature
Source: ArtStation

Whether it be the Demogorgons of Stranger Things Season 1 or Demodogs who were introduced in season 2, all could evolve in suitable-climate. The terrifying, peculiar creatures might have found their origin in the deepest part of the ocean.

Lack of sunlight and oxygen coupled with extremely cold temperatures could have given birth to them. The microbes who have stationed themselves at deep-sea hot-springs turn chemicals into energy. This energy act as the fount of existence for creatures who survive in the depths.

The amount of carbon-dioxide which these micro-organisms produce on daily basis too helps as an important source of food. As the deepest parts are often deprived of it. Then comes slime which appears to be present almost everywhere!!!

Well, there are many logical explanations that can help unveil its presence.

Can Denodogs actually exist in our world?

The weird Upside-Down Science connection of Stranger Things

Stranger Things creatures explained
Source: ew.com

The demodogs act as protectors of the Mind Flayers, spreading their Upside Down science in our stable earth. They are found lurking in tunnels joined together, enticed by its darkness. This behavior of theirs could be explained with the help of ants lifestyle.

Ants are often found linking their bodies so as to build raft. So as to keep themselves afloat in water. So it looks like some magical portal opened between two worlds. Ergo, these strange creatures of Stranger Things landed on our planet.!!

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