Stranger Things Video Game: Netflix plans to launch the game at E3 2019

Netflix plans to drop stranger things video game at E3

Stranger Things Season 3, a science fiction – horror is set to premiere via Netflix on July 4, 2019. However, before the release of the season, there is something more exciting as the season’s adventure was. Netflix and telltale have confirmed launching a Stranger Things game to explore the characters well as the parallel world.

The news first outbreaks on Tech Radar about the video game and later confirmed by the franchise involved. However, the game was set to release during the release of Stranger Things Season 2.

In addition, the video game will be available to play in PCs and console platforms. The game is a story based where players need to make choices and narrate the shape of the game.

More from Netflix and Telltale

Meanwhile, the game would be released at the E3 2019. Most importantly, the collaboration is not only for Stranger Things rather, but they have also planned to release an interactive Minecraft – story mode.

The Minecraft series will be released in the Netflix interface. However, we don’t have an idea of how that’s going to work. This interactive could lead to a more interesting development in the future.

On the other hand, just like Netflix, Google and Apple are planning to advance in the gaming industry. The introduction to this mode earlier this year, Google launched its own platform, Stadia. Whereas, Apple with a subscription service called Apple Arcade for its iOS game.

Stranger Things 3: The game teaser

The Stranger things date has not been disclosed until now. But, rumours predict it will be sooner to this year.

A teaser was released by BonusXP of the Stranger Things 3: The game revealing many secrets that are unearthed previously. The game is developed as a 16-bit experience character which allows the single player and multiplayer.

Meanwhile, season 3 of Stranger Things will release this July 4 with the trailer already on fire. Fittingly, the duffer brothers along with Eleven are set path to the upside down of Demogorgon. In addition, this season also set in the 80s with retro music by Baba O’Riley.

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