Strawberry Moon in June is a period of love adventure

Strawberry Moon in June is a period of love adventure

Every month a distinct moon appears in the sky, and this time the full moon appears to strawberry. A new name is given each month which comes from a tradition of naming as Algonquin. For this month of June, it is named as Strawberry moon as because this month is for harvesting strawberries. However, based on European naming traditions are less likely of more common names like mead and rose.

Strawberry Moon in June is a period of love adventure


Strawberry Moon will continue for a period of two weeks

According to NASA, the moon will appear in the sky on June 17 at 4.31Am. While the signature full shape will likely visible from Tuesday that is June 18. Moreover, the strawberry moon appears as a full moon in Sagittarius believing a sign of love. Aspects of reports from Horoscope website, Moon appearing in June is more likely to cover Jupiter and Neptune for an abundance of love and optimism.

During this period of the full moon, which will continue for the next two weeks and expectancy of love is heightened. More likely, our feelings and intuition will also be better during the time. It is regarded to keep open-minded and channelize every aspect of adventure with an open heart. In addition, it is also observed a thin line between reality and fantasy which can distract while it goes.

How to handle the period of the full moon – pros and cons

Acceptance of reality with all sense of love and acceptance to join with a new identity. Your partner of love can also be one when you act open-mindedly. Therefore, a new turn to your love life is also expected to reach new heights of happiness.

Strawberry Moon in June is a period of love adventure

SOURCE: Numerology Sign

Astrologers also claim that fantasy and illusion will also trigger before and after the full moon. So, it’s recommended to embrace extra energy rather than run away from it. Staying along with personal attitude and enjoying the larger life can help to decode cosmic energy.

However, during the period of the strawberry moon, the drawbacks such as deception can play a major role. Though the ratio is less likely to be low, but improper gesture can lead to misleading. Not to worry, the pros of the period is larger than its cons. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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