Suits Season 9: And its a wrap


Another sad news is here: it’s official that the legal drama Suits is ending. The show has nearly run for a decade and has aired eight seasons so far. And the show has now declared its ending with season 9. And yes, it’s really disheartening. After its fiery performance in all its seasons, the show is here to say its sweet goodbyes.

Aaron Korsh stated that he is really grateful to the audience for their undying love and support for the show. President of USA Network and SyFy also said how Suits has played a very crucial role in the growth of the channel.

Suits Season 9: And its a wrap

Suits Season 9 announcement

The shows very first episode aired back in 2011 and it has been on an amazing journey since then. The show has always been on the news for various reasons. It has been certainly a roller coaster ride for the cast and crew. The show has seen it all from the melodramatic exits, blackmailing, death and romance.  And as Aaron Korsh pointed out, the fans of the show has been there the show’s journey. And with the show wrapping up, let’s just hope it ends with all its glory.

So, what can we expect? Here’s everything we know about the finale of Suits season 9

Suits season 9 cast:

SUITS, Season: 2-Pictured: (l-r) Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross, Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane — Photo by Robert Ascroft/USA Network

The core team will remain the same in the shows final season, so certainly Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) will be there along with  Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), Donna Paulsen (Sarah Rafferty) and Alex Williams (Dule Hill).

Katherine Heigl had joined the show as Samantha Wheeler in the last season. She had joined as the new partner at Pearson and will also continue in the final season.

There were rumours that Meghan Markle will make a final appearance and would join the show as  Rachel Zone. She had left the series in its seventh season. Many tabloids had also reported that producers of the show have been trying to entice her with handsome remuneration. But Korsh nullified all these as rumours. He stated that there is no truth to these hearsays and that he also is unaware of the final cast or the cast members who will be joining the series in its finale.

Suits Season 9: And its a wrap

A still from Suits, Episode 213 — Pictured: Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane — (Photo by Ben Mark Holzberg/USA Network)

Suits season 9 episodes: How many episodes in Season 9?

Season 9 will wrap up with just 10 episodes. USA Network revealed that the series will have just ten episodes. This will be the smallest season ever.

Except for the first season which had only 12 episodes, all other seasons had 16 episodes each. So the final season will be very quick.

Suits season 9 trailer: is the trailer out yet?

Presently, work on Suits season 9 is in full swing. So, the answer is no. It will take a little longer to get a look on the trailer for Suits to season 9 trailer. We can expect a teaser/trailer by late May’2019.

Suits season 9: Will Mike Ross make a comeback?

Meghan Markle fans want her back as Rachel Jane. And though it is very doubtful that Meghan will return for Suits Season 9, it is a possibility that her onscreen husband  Mike Ross (aka Patrick J Adams) will be a part of the show finale. Aaron Korsh stated that

When Patrick left, we talked about the notion of him coming back.

“It had to be right story-wise, and he had to be in a place where he wants to do it, depending on what’s going on with him. In the back six [of season eight], it didn’t feel right for that.

With that note, Yes! We can definitely expect to see Mike Ross in Suits season 9.

Suits season 9 release date: When will it air?

Suits have aired almost every year since its commencement in either June or July. So, it’s very likely that it Suits season 9 will air in summer 2019. Bets on June-July, 2019.

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