Summer Games Done Quick speeds to go on air

Summer Games Done Quick speeds to go on air

Speedrunning charity’s marathon Summer Games Done quick has just winded up and is coming towards us & will be here in just a bit. It is doing fundraising for doctors without considering borders. Players will be going through a bunch of games for the whole of the week. For someone who has not witnessed so much of speedrun will be amazed how faster one can get through the game through speedrun.


All hail the good cause:

Now you need to forget the idea, because these people can get glitchier and weirder than you can ever imagine. This year is starting off with some Spyro Reignited Trilogy, succeeded by Portal 2. Most of the greatest are Nintendo’s So we need to talk about silently( next weekend, Breath of the Wild joined by Majora’s Mask which will be an excellent continuation) But there are also plenty of goodies too.

You can make choice between Half-life to Catlateral Damage, or most of the time of week binge watching what you wish to. Dominic has his eyes both on Titanfall 2 and Prey, which are both a good choice. The real enigma is lying in the fact that something is coming to our way that we are unaware of. Some of the unknown games are coming with the best fascinating tricks.

Summer Games Done Quick speeds to go on air


An appreciating effort:

But accepting the fact that it is all for a noble reason. Last year’s Summer Games Done Quick fund raised around whopping $2.12 million(around 1.66 m Euros) for doctors without borders. Also with it’s partnering events, Awesome Games Done Quick was there at the top with $2.39 million. They did it for the Prevent Cancer Foundation at the beginning of the year.

This year’s Summer Games Done quickly will kick off at 5:30 p.m. BST. And you can find the full schedule here. You can easily go through it on Twitch and catch up with the parts that you missed easily on YouTube.

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