T-Mobile to offer “Magenta” plan better than its counter partners

T – Mobile to offer “Magenta” plan better than its counter partners

T – Mobile is giving a fresh sweetener for its esteemed customers to leave other brands. The country’s number 3 wireless network operator is launching a new plan called “Magenta”. And the company assures to avail best performance and discounts for those who want to switch to new T – Mobile. Moreover, the discounts are eligible to match its rival offers and discounts.

T – Mobile to offer “Magenta” plan better than its counter partners

SOURCE: The Verge

The Magenta is the new name given to its newly launched scheme over its existing T – Mobile one plan. However, the Magenta being its top unlimited plan is priced at 70 US dollars for one month line. In addition, to avail, the four months line users need to pay almost 160 US dollars.

According to Harrier Mobile Insights, for almost 30 per cent of the customers haven’t shifted to other providers. Though, the customers remaining in the same discounted plan is experiencing an alienation with the providers. However, they think their plans with discounts are best among the others. As they receive discounts on the plans activated because of the relationship that is built.

T – Mobile to offer “Magenta” plan better than its counter partners

SOURCE: T – Mobile

T – Mobile Magenta plan is impressive

So, the Magenta offer is really extravagant and challenging. Therefore, to take advantage of the new offer, the users who need to switch to T – mobile. They need to bring the latest bill of the existing plan of other providers. The discount will be matched with 5 dollars or 15 dollars for a single line and 30 dollars for two or more total. However, the company claims it as deal breaker from the existing deals of other providers.

[Megathread] T-Mobile One plan is now Magenta, new discount matching and smartphone on us, existing One plan raising Netflix price by $2 from tmobile

Moreover, the new Magenta plan is offering 3GB of the high-speed hotspot. While to account with Netflix’s price hike the deal is not so classy. It is offering Netflix basic which lacks HD streaming and only one screen at a time. While it’s existing T – Mobile One plans are offering the Netflix plan with HD streaming. Hence, they need to add an extra 2 dollars in the standard subscription.

So, if extra toppings can cause a price break, then it’s better to switch to Magenta program.

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