Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn Wedding Rumors: Couple to Marry secretly in a Private Ceremony?


The tabloids keep a close check on Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift at all times. After the two were spotted together in 2017, several speculations are being made about them. It was even rumored that the two are going to get married. Let’s check out the truth.

A ‘Shotgun Wedding’ for Taylor Swift?

Recently, Woman’s Day published a story titled ‘Broody Taylor’s Baby News!’. It also claimed,

Holing up with Joe has cemented their relationship. They’re ready to take the step now, whether it be a baby or a wedding or both.

After making such huge claims, the tabloids kept walking along their stories. Each tabloid had its own version of the story. One of the tabloids even claimed that Blake Lively is all set to plan Swift and Alwyn’s wedding.

Taylor and Joe have been unofficially engaged for over six months. Blake will be front and center as the maid of honor, while Ryan [Reynolds, Lively’s husband], has been tapped to be a groomsman.

Now it is a bit confusing as to what should be infer from the couple’s ‘unofficial engagement’. If the wedding is already being planned, then it certainly makes their relationship very much official. However, the tabloids are just playing with words in order to confuse the fans. They are just trying to play it safe and at the same time hoping that it actually happens.

The unreliable source also claimed that the two are planning a London wedding. But this was not mentioned in the recent reports. Clearly, the story is fake and bogus.

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