Gears of War Movie: Terry Crews and Dave Bautista rumoured for cast

Terry Crews on the show of Watch What Happens Live.
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Recently, Terry Crew has shown a huge interest in playing a role in Gears of War film. There is one more celebrity who wants to be part of this project. Keep scrolling below to find out who it is!

Gears of War Movie Rumours

Gears of War is under production for years now and the Universal Studios have still not decided the cast! The movie is based on the legendary shooter video game series with the same name. Sadly, until now, the creators have revealed nothing about the film. Terry Crew has openly expressed that he wants to be a part of the film.

Dave Bautista suitable for the role of Marcus Fenix in Gears of War

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Apart from that, the Guardians of the Galaxy actor Dave Bautista wants to portray a character in the film as well. Moreover, his fans also want the wrestler/actor to be in the Gears of War film.

Terry Crews’ twitter post

On July 23, American Actor Stephen Sean brought this film to light on Twitter, Terry Crews couldn’t control himself from writing “Damn,” on his tweet. This morning, he tweeted a photo of him and Bautista together.

He has clearly shown his interest in doing a movie with him. Moreover, fans have also shown their support for the idea of Popular wrestler Dave Bautista and Terry Crews starring in Gears of War. Also, fans have given a positive reaction to his tweet.

Perfect roles for both the actors

Dave Bautista will perfectly fit into the character of Marcus Fenix whereas Terry Crews would nail the role of Augustus Cole also known as Cole Train. Moreover, it seems like fans have already picked the characters for the film. We hope the tweet goes viral and it gains the attention of Universal Studios and they select these two actors.

What are your thoughts about the film? Would you like to see them together in the Gears of War movie too?

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