Tesla Beach Buggy Game update has something new for us

Tesla Beach Buggy Game update has something new for us

Tesla continuously adds new video games to its vehicle’s infotainment systems. But the new addition to the company’s profile is nothing like its predecessors. Tesla has added new features to the Beach Buggy 2 game.Tesla Beach Buggy Game update has something new for us

Something really innovative:

Yes, using controllers to play old Atari games and Cuphead in cars is no doubt novel. But on Thursday Tesla CEO Elon Musk decided to add 2018 mobile sensational racing game Beach Buggy 2 to Teslas. And rather than using a traditional approach to command the virtual vehicles, Tesla owners have decided to use their actual car’s steering wheel and breaks.

Musk announced this while he was on news with video game journalists. Todd Howard and Geoff Keighley, the directors of Bethesda Game Studios, at the event of Electronic Entertainment Expo, in Los Angeles.

He told that if we have a racing game along with a steering wheel. It’s installed there and waiting to be controlled. He said this after showing a clip of a driver playing a game in his car.

But still there is no word about and when the game will hit the Tesla systems. But one thing we are quite certain about is that the gas pedals won’t be involved in the simulation when the game finally hits the market release. This will ensure that this fun-filled game when it releases doesn’t take any dangerous turn.

Now Tesla Racing game has something new

Safety first priority:

If we have to go by what the Vice says then it comes like Musk said The brake is wired in. And also he focused on the fact that they will probably have the scroll wheels for the gas pedals. Just in case somebody doesn’t accidentally get excited in heat of the moment launch themselves.

Musk didn’t say anything as and when Beach Buggy Racing 2 would be launched on Teslas. And at which time the adults will be able to, I guess to be able to play video games on the front seats.

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