Tesla Model 3 Now Has Cabin Camera Activated


Software updates for a car might sound strange a few years ago, but not for Tesla. The company has always updated its vehicles’ software and gained attention. The latest update 2020.24.5 provides the Cabin Camera feature along with other camera improvements.

Tesla Model 3’s Cabin Camera

Tesla Model 3 has the cabin camera as a hardware, but it was not functioning until the electric vehicle company released the 2020.24.5 update. Tesla installed this small lens camera on the compartment that holds the rear-view mirror.

Software update 2020.24.5 release notes mentioned that the Cabin Camera’s main function is to offer more safety features by allowing the camera to collect data. The latest update makes the camera on Tesla Model 3 usable by allowing it to collect images and video clips.

Drivers can manage the data they want to share through the Cabin Camera by proceeding to the Controls menu. In the menu, choose Safety & Security, then open the Data Sharing page, and choose Allow Camera Analytics.

“Cabin camera images and video clips will not be associated with your VIN to protect your privacy,” the release notes read.

The main purpose of this camera is to gather footage and images during a collision. Tesla engineers will use this data to analyze the car’s safety features and improve it based on their findings.

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